Visit Our Booth in Orlando or Macon in Two Weeks!

Orlando Conference Center

I don't know how long it had been since I had spent an entire day working for the start-up without writing a line of code. But it happened last Monday, while preparing the various necessities for two conferences in which we will be exhibiting in two and three weeks: Florida Music Teacher's Association (FMTA) 2016 Conference in Orlando, October 28-30 (Fri-Sun), and Georgia Music Teacher's Association (GMTA) 2016 Conference in Macon November 3-5. Since my business partner, Dr. Pitagoras Goncalves, is still a busy piano professor, I'll be running the booth solo for the first couple days of each. We will have the software set up with an electric piano, where anyone that comes by can be one of the first to try the product! (And I'll finally announce the name as soon as the website is ready.)

So in the midst of trying to rush along the web development firm we hired, to finish the website on time for me to integrate the app with it (that's another story for another post), I've been planning the booth layout, calling printers for banner prices, banner stand shopping, listing the many booth items I'll need to pack into my luggage, calling the conference organizations to get details on the space, etc. After a 12-hour work day, Dr. Goncalves managed to secure the piano purchase for me to pick up in Orlando, and reserved the rental and hotel after I had gotten my flights.

But crunch time is back now, with a week and a half to finish and test the product! Not nearly the amount of time I had planned, but again that's another story, which I'm saving for when the website is complete and I can include all the scary details for you. Our pamphlets, banner, and refrigerator magnets are being professionally designed as we speak. (I know, fridge magnets aren't too original or exciting, but a good way to stay in some piano teachers' memories). And as we speak, I stop speaking to hitherto resume preparations. So if you happen to be in Orlando or Macon, stop by! Else wish me luck.