Micro Maze: 3D Game Programming in...AppleScript

"Huh? Wait, isn't that the thing that basically just does stuff with files and opens dialogs?" OK so I have this tradition that whenever I learn a new computer language, I have to write a game with it. BASIC on Apple II and Commodore Amiga 1000, QBasic, C, HTML, etc. Once I had a Casio graphing calculator around year 2000 that I made a game on too. AppleScript was no exception, back in 2006 during the off hours of my composer-in-residence type job. There I had one of the old iMacs, the ones that sometimes would spit the CD out the side right onto the floor. AppleScript's amazing graphics capabilities consist of dialogs that display text, and...yeah that's about it actually. So [cue drum roll] here it is: Micro Maze.