Full-Time at Our Startup!

I came home Friday from my last day at Farm Credit Services of America (as a sub-contractor), and was welcomed by my wife and kids congratulating me with home-drawn cards and a delicious cake for after supper. After the weekend I would be starting to work full-time from home for Percebe Music Inc., a start-up founded by myself and a piano professor friend of mine who came up with the product idea, and still teaches at the college I studied music at. A couple of weeks ago we received generous funding from an investor, who is an acquaintance of both of ours that we both greatly respect.

Farm Credit Services of America was truly a great place to work at -- the best work culture I've experienced, and with the nicest people, and significant talent among the developers (after all, the culture draws them). It's no wonder they're rated "#1 place to work in Omaha". Yet the opportunity for which I've been working for for a long time is here! Ironically (but perhaps not accidentally) my hard work on previous start-up projects did not directly create this opportunity; my partner is the one who contacted me about the idea, and I eagerly leaped to the risk, committing roughly 200 hours into building a prototype starting in mid September 2015, mostly utilizing very early morning hours before leaving to work. Was that a run-on sentence I don't know but it was pretty exciting anyway so keep reading now where was I...

So here we go, full-throttle, into the fog! ...Hoping there are no walls. But then of course ingenuity supplies a radar-vision device. Yes! Walls, I can see you now... OK too much analogy. Anyway, 40 hours a week I'll be developing the software, working first toward a couple of user-test versions, then a Minimum Viable Product (oh yes, Lean Startup methodology indeed), then onto wherever our user's desires take us. Plenty of complex algorithms -- so fun! -- plenty of platforms, plenty of drive. Let's do this!

Updates to come. Thanks for your support through reading this bundle of words that makes plenty for today. And for that reason...I'm out.